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Some of it was us being superstitious and the other part was wanting to get the thumbs up from the doctors for all those first trimester tests.

Let me just say though it was EXTREMELY hard not to share it with all our loved ones right away.

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Symptoms – The carpel tunnel in my hands is pretty bad. The pressure or whatever of doing so often makes Jellybean mad and she will move into weird positions after doing so. There have been a lot of ups and downs throughout the pregnancy yet it has been a journey and experience I wouldn’t change for the world. :) Symptoms Tingling and numbness in my finger tips lasts all day now, which is a weird sensation. I’m not sure if they completely believed our story, but happily accommodated our request.

The doctor assures me it will be fine, however I am concerned it won’t go away after the baby comes. I have therefore passed this oh so fabulous task off to my doting husband. that whole giving birth thing seems a bit scary at the moment. Every time I feel even a little pain or cramp I am ever so hopeful I’m in labor … We put up the Christmas tree a couple weekends ago and since then I’ve been trying to master taking a great picture of the tree. And there is of course the continued swelling in my hands/feet, congestion and trouble sleeping. This was the only way we could tell them about becoming grandparents without getting on a plane 2 months earlier than planned. ” – My Little Sister “I knew it, I knew it, I knew it” followed by jumping out of her chair and screaming so loud the dog started barking – My Mother “Is there something you want to tell me?

– and let’s be honest this really needs to be renamed to ALL DAY sickness. – At first I would attempt to relax on the couch after work.

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The funniest part was that my shirts would have fit a lot longer if the “twins” had taken on a life of their own. In any case, my friend was kind enough to let me borrow her maternity clothes.

Although she didn’t have a ton of warm weather clothes it was just enough to hold me over until I made it to the store.

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