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I've done it so many times now, but it still hurts every time.

We part ways at his house and by the time I get into my Uber I'm a snotty, tear-streaked mess. One of us would be wide awake while the other couldn’t keep their eyes open.

Our lives feel intense and dramatic and although I would not want to live like this permanently, I do relish the fact that we get to have moments like this one.

We go back to his apartment and spend the entire afternoon in bed until one of us decides we need to go eat.

But tonight we are both staying in, so we catch up on Twin Peaks, starting our DVRs at the exact same time. This evening I went to happy hour with some of my classmates and a male friend awkwardly tried to kiss me at the end of the night.

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When we made the decision to live separately we were thinking about the big picture: He would never get an opportunity here as good as the one he got in California, but he didn't want to see me sacrifice my chance to study at one of the best fashion design masters programs in the country, so we both went after our dreams.

We do normal things like go food shopping, cook dinner and sit outside, go for walks, have sex again (and again! I know that after one more year of school I'll graduate and come out here to make this my home, so I try to get to know the friends he's made even though I'd rather just be alone with Mike since our time together is so limited.

Now this is the part about living in different states that sucks: the goodbye.

If one of us is out we will show each other our surroundings and what we're up to—for instance, today I went to a pop-up clothing store with friends from school and just had to show him a dress I was trying on.

And the other day he showed me how the new design of his restaurant is shaping up.

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