Validating multiple checkboxes using javascript

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We have large number of transitions in a workflow and each transition pops up a screen prompting the user to check the box next to a set of conditions.These are things like "Has the Manager Approved", "Has the CFO Approved" etc. I would like to stop a user form transitioning if all the checkboxes are not checked. It is a good practice to use the j Query $(document).on('ready pjax:complete') event to prevent the code from executing until the page is fully loaded, it is especially needed when using the ajax-mode in the 3.0.0 and upper default templates: Caution when using brackets () in scripts : Expression manager uses brackets () to enclose expressions.If you have to use brackets in your Java Script, you must add a space or line feed after the opening bracket () This is from a survey that is a invitation to a longer party, when the user clicks to the next page, the calculated results will be shown.Which is why I would put the validation attribute on your class instead of on one of the checkbox.Then, to show your error message on your client HTML you would need to set since the target of your attribute is the instance itself.

Being able to target a specific form can be useful if you have multiple forms with checkboxes on the same page.This is a proof of concept, and may have some problems, please if you notice something or improve it send me an e-mail to leochaton-limesurvey at yahoo dot com.This will work for 2 questions that you want to be the same.The fact that one of your your checkboxes needs to be checked is a validation that is more about your class than one of your checkbox.I mean, individually, a checkbox doesn't need to be checked, but your model requires one of them to be.

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