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The number of recent studies on the present-day chemical composition of ionized nebulae (Crockett et al.

Table 1 summarizes the exposure times used with the various grisms.These tests are particularly important in the central, metal-rich regions of spiral galaxies, where the high metal content could lead to systematic underestimates of the nebular metallicity (Stasińska 2005).This originally motivated our new investigation of a sample of luminous PNe in the central region of the galaxy M33.Despite the faintness of the targets in this external galaxy compared to objects in the Milky Way, the uncertainty on the relative galactocentric distances that afflicts studies in the Galaxy is virtually removed.This offers a clear advantage in the determination of abundance gradients, and consequently in deriving information on the chemical evolution of the host galaxy, as well as providing empirical constraints on the metallicity dependence of extragalactic distance indicators (e.g. In this paper we present new spectroscopic observations of 16 PNe in the neighbouring galaxy M33, obtained with the aim of measuring chemical abundances from the [O ] λ4363 diagnostic line in the central few kpc of this galaxy.

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