Updating a select drop down html with sql information problems with carbon dating accuracy

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SET IDENTITY_INSERT [Person Api Login] ON INSERT INTO [Person Api Login]( [Id] ,[Person Id] ,[Api Id] ,[Hash] ,[Password] ,[Software Key] ,[Logged In] ,[Last Access]) SELECT [Person Id] ,[Person Id] ,[Api Id] ,[Hash] ,[Password] ,[Software Key] ,[Logged In] ,[Last Access] FROM [db304].[dbo].[Person Api Login] GO DELETE FROM [Person Api Login] WHERE [Person Id] I saw a good article which helped me out at the last moment ..

I was trying to insert few rows in a table which had identity column but did it wrongly and have to delete back.

Good luck PS it's not failing because the sequential order it's running in is trying to update a value in the list to an item that already exists in the list of ids?

clutching at straws, perhaps add the number of rows 1, then if that works subtract the number of rows :-S If you need to change the IDs occasionally, it's probably best not to use an identity column.

Doing the operation through the GUI just creates a temporary table, copies all the data across to a new table without an identity field, and renames the table.

alter table test nocheck constraint all; alter table foreign_table1 nocheck constraint all; alter table foreign_table2 nocheck constraint all; set identity_insert test on; select id 1 as id, column2, column3 into test_copy from test v; delete from test; insert into test(id, column2, column3) select id, column2, column3 from test_copy alter table test check constraint all; alter table foreign_table1 check constraint all; alter table foreign_table2 check constraint all; set identity_insert test off; drop table test_copy; DBCC CHECKIDENT ( ‘orders’, RESEED, 999) you can change any identity column number with this command,and also you can start that field number from every number you example in my command i ask to start from 1000 (999 1) hope that it would be enough..luck If the column is not a PK you could always create a NEW column in the table with the incremented numbers, drop the original and then alter the new one to be the old. most I've ever had to futz with Identity columns was to backfill numbers and I just ended up using DBCC CHECKIDENT ( tablename, RESEED,newnextnumber) good luck!

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I was trying to find an way to update the column which was inserted but - no luck. Very nice question, first we need to on the IDENTITY_INSERT for the specific table, after that run the insert query (Must specify the column name).

We all know that SQL Server by default listens to the port number 1433.

But, due to security reasons, the default port number will/can be changed to a different port in order to minimize hacks on SQL Server.

Note: After edit the the identity column, don't forget to off the IDENTITY_INSERT.

If you not done, you cannot able to Edit the identity column for any other table.

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