Updating 1920 s home wiring

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I will soon have "before & after" pictures available on my website to show the results. professional reproduction including shipping 0 (my cost and the 1 I had left I'm keeping for the '42 Willys I also own).The restoration shop will make up some more if you still want one. Mine was beyond rescue so we have a computer directed machine shop here that now can cut these including the nice raised edge around the radio speaker. Many Graham Headlight glass and, 1938-39 Graham Sharknose. Chrysler Lazer interior in black, front seat bucket, bench in rear.The wheels are sun-bleached but all spokes are tight in their hubs. The body was removed and discarded when it spent time in storage at the Western Development Museum - donated to them and then retrieved when the Museum lost its storage space and suggested they would dispose of it by auction. The only thing missing on this vehicle is the taillights.The steering column is in place but the steering wheel is missing. I am selling everything but the frame, body, and headlights.Transmission of a digital message, or of a digitized analog signal, is known as digital communication.Checking for Signs of Asbestos Having the Area Tested Dealing With Asbestos Community Q&A Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral composed of thin, tightly packed fibers.By using this Site or clicking on "OK", you consent to the use of cookies.

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I have a trailer made from the front end of a Graham car. I have a couple of Graham-Paige wheels that I would like to sell.

They are wooden spoked (thick) and probably a 16 diameter?

One is in great shape, the other has a rusted & damaged rim. I have a 1935 Graham that I'm going to street rod, I will not be using the hood, front bumper, front fenders, radiator, wheels, Chassis, headlight buckets, windshield frame, maybe not the grille, window winders, door handles, speed-o cluster etc. I have seven 10 X 12 inch frameable poems by the late Edgar A. Each of these poems is printed on heavy weight parchment in sepia tone and represents a piece of Americana.

I wonder if there is someone in the club that would be interested in them. They were a promotional gift by a Graham automobile dealer in the Kansas City area many years ago. I am trying to help the daughter of Olan Chiles, a long time Paige collector and active member of AACA for many years.

We would be delighted to see a Graham enthusiast have an interest in these wheels. I tinker with old cars and know how hard it is to find parts and know there is probably someone out there that needs one of these. I think perhaps the envelope containing each of these poems is more valuable than the print. Olan passed away within the past three months and his family would like to dispose of his large collection of Paige literature and other related objects.

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