Sixth graders dating

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Prehistoric man ‘used crude sat nav’ Telegraph, September 15, 2009 — Prehistoric man navigated his way across England using a crude version of sat nav based on stone circle markers, historians have claimed.

Watch an introductory video overview of evolution with guide Donald Johanson, read paleoanthropology news and book reviews, and visit the learning center for educational activities and lessons.

Jackson Prep has compiled an exceptional record in the area of college admissions.

80% of graduates from the class of 2016 received merit-based scholarships for their academic, extracurricular or athletic talents.

State-of-the-art lighting and sound, beautiful costumes, and professional set design can be found in these Broadway-level productions.

Prep students are challenged to look beyond themselves to discover ways they can make a difference in their community and the world at large.

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