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In New Britain, settlements are found inland as well, near the obsidian sources.In the eastern archipelago, all settlements are located on land, sometimes some distance inland.The Lapita were expert in seamanship and navigation, reaching out and finding islands separated from each other by hundreds of miles of empty ocean.Their descendants, the Polynesians, would populate islands from Hawaii to Easter Island. I like to spend my time on studing and watching moves. Now days I'm I'm very easy to get along with love dining out, watching movies, outdoors activities such fishing, boating long walks. 5-7 light brown hair dress casual, a little over weight but not alot.Jacobs Manchester, United Kingdom Jacobs employ some of the UK's most experienced and skilled technical services professionals and has grown to over 7,000 people in locations across the UK. VIEW MOREIntertek Cincinnati, United States13458BRBranch Manager (Construction Services & Geotechnical Engineering)United States Cincinnati Ohio Job Description Branch Manager PSI, an Intertek company has an immediate need for a Bra...The Lapita culture or tradition was a prehistoric Pacific Ocean people from c. The characteristics of the Lapita culture are the extension of human settlement to previously uninhabited Pacific Islands scattered over a large area, distinctive geometric dentate-stamped pottery, the use and widespread distribution of obsidian, and the spread of Oceanic languages.

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Burial pottery similar to "red slip" pottery of Taiwan, as well as detailed linguistic evidence, The orthodox view argued for by people like Roger Green and Peter Bellwood argues for a Triple-I model where Lapita arose from this Austronesian expansion through a process of intrusion into new territories, innovation of new technologies (such as the outrigger canoe), and integration with the existing populations.

All skeletons were headless with the skulls removed after original burial and replaced with rings made from cone shell. One burial of an elderly man had three skulls lined up on his chest.

One burial jar featured four birds looking into the jar.

'Classic' Lapita pottery was produced between 1350 and 750 BCE in the Bismarck Archipelago.

A late variety might have been produced there up to 250 BCE.

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