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” I tried not to laugh and said, “We’ll see how sorry you are.”“You’re not really going to use that, are you?” he asked, pointing at the hairbrush.“Yes, I am,” I said. And if you want any chance of getting what you want, you’ll take it all.”I then told him to bend over my knees.So I told hime we would go to the party but we would “deal with this” after.At the party I was very cool to him, talking with my girlfriends and even some other guys.After talking to my mon and reading through this sight, I waited until he did something I didn’t like — which was picking me up very late to go to a party.He had a pretty good excuse — he had to work late — but he never called and I sat there in my party cloths for almost an hour.He started to struggle to get off my lap and I stopped spanking.“You stay where you are or we will not make love until our wedding night,” I said. “You have not even begun to be sorry for what you did to me, but you will be!That was four months away and I knew he would be miserable.“Do we have to do this? ” I then started spanking again, and while he was moaning and yelling, he did not try to get away.

I am the oldest, and I only remember her spanking me ONCE, while my brothers got it a lot.

I had read here that it is best to have the guiy completely naked and this seemed the best way.

So I went in the bathroom and waited about 10 minutes, still in my party dress, and came out holding my hairbrush that I had been keeping in my purse.

He kept hanging around me hoping for atention, and telling me how pretty I looked.

We headed to his place after, which is where we make love, and on the way he asked me what was wrong. I said, “You should know,” and didn’t say anymore, though he asked me to explain.

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