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It only stands to reason that if a gal can get a cute guy, she would rather have a cute AND RICH guy.

If she can get a guy that tells her the truth, she would rather have a guy that tells her the truth AND has a nice car, etc etc.

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Here are some potential reasons why the guy you’re dating won’t kiss a gal or escalate the relationship after she gives him the green light by kissing him first: He likes you and is probably sexually attracted to you, but he can’t see himself puttin’ in work on you that would make you appreciate him more and take your relationship in a positive direction rather than a negative direction.

This is definitely something that happens to guys, but mostly, they don’t want to say so in order to not look like a chump or a p****.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine informed me he and his long-time girlfriend had just broken up and that the advice he was getting from people was ‘go get laid’.

Guys like to use the term “Out of my league” to describe women that they would love to have, but don’t believe that what they’re bringing to the table stacks up to what she either WANTS or CAN DEFINITELY GET from guys.

This is a major hurdle in the United States dating system, since there’s a lot of shallowness on both sides and guys get to see lots of examples of the guys with the most toys getting the best-looking girls.

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