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“I like to focus on the mundane — and if you think of it, most artists throughout history have focused on the mundane,” Beresford says.He points to Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup cans and British contemporary artist Tracey Emin’s messy bed piece.Seeing the club’s increasing growth has been almost too exciting, according to Carlson.“There are really people from all walks of life, and all ages.There’s a website packed with articles on “dullites,” a shop featuring club swag and a calendar with various meet-ups in England and the U. along with celebrations of things like National Pencil Day.Carlson says it’s remained a men’s group because he considers women “too exciting” (although those that appreciate dull men aren’t turned down).They were reading about all the things members were up to, such as judo, sailing, skiing, wrestling and boxing.

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“For me, his collection drifted into the realms of ‘outsider art.’ I really like the idea that he was giving meaning to something that most people would consider completely worthless.” A third subject is Kevin Beresford, the proud President of the Roundabouts Appreciation Society.In a recent call with Beresford, he tells me that he is honored to be considered a dull man.“I know a lot of people think it’s a derogatory term, but it’s only our hobbies that appear dull,” Beresford says from his home in Redditch (a small town in England which he says has no cinema and three prisons).“That sounds fun to do.” Carlson, a 77-year-old retired tax attorney, is the founder of the Dull Men’s Club.The club is a loosely organized online community where men can share thoughts and experiences about ordinary things.

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