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Like Maddy, Jana is the Alpha of her pack, a role she loses midway through the series when – she thinks – a coup ousts her from power.

Series three cleared a hurdle at which previous fantasy and sci-fi dramas have fallen by losing its lead character yet continuing to prosper.

In that grief the Morwal, a malevolent wolf personality responsible for werewolves’ bad PR over the centuries, enters her spirit transforming Jana from cheery and independent to aggressive and unpredictable.

“Remember,” says Rhydian to her friends approaching the snarling, violent beast she’s turned into, “that’s not Jana’s wolf”.

Go and show those Maths, Chemistry and Physics A Levels who’s boss, Kara. These lessons weren’t parroted in clunky ‘after-school special’ style scenes - they weren’t even necessarily voiced - but instead learned through action and experience. ” he tells best pal Shannon, who’d earlier asked him why he was trying to impress people he didn’t even like.

) Aside from the literal lessons teaches - Vikings, Saxons, Celtic history, archaeology, comets and plagues have all popped up in series three - it’s also stuffed with moral debate and real-life insights (as all the best sci-fi and fantasy shows are). For instance, in a long-deserved showcase for Kedar Williams-Stirling’s considerable talents, non-Wolfblood Tom came to an important conclusion in series three after experiencing the fleeting high of social media fame (magic serum and gymnastics were involved). Value your true friendships is one of the many lessons shows its audience, without preaching to them even once.

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