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You had relaxed your muscles so that I could see that very special, dark, place winking at me, begging me to penetrate it with my tongue. My heart flutters with the thoughts of you being that Angel yet again as you always have been in your heart.......... S.: I would absolutely kill to have newer pictures of you, Angel.As I was doing just that, my fingers brought me to a shuddering orgasm. For nudes of you I would do almost anything ........anything.......have only but to ask. I realize its not my place to, but I thought about starting with that for an age, and I just so wanted to. I have been diagnosed as having gallstones, following a couple of bouts of severe abdominal pain.

She has evolved into what I would call a prefect submissive in that she is so eager to please and, while sometime very nervous about following my direction, she always does so to the best of her abilities. You mentioned in your messenger message about my shaved pussy. Oh I keep it neatly trimmed, but it is grown again, for some time now. It was just that there didn't appear to be much reason to keep it clear. I am so glad to have heard from you and to be updated in what is going on with your life.

Well, my dear, it was exactly the same for me during that long, painful, night being raped and beaten repeatedly. But knowing that your were there with me in spirit and how you felt about me also allowed me to orgasm more than I ever had before or since.

And don't be shy, my dear, about telling me you have pubic hair. Shaving it is mostly symbolistic for a sub and also shows others that you do pay special care to your appearance down there.

She phoned me out of the blue in February last year, and I took it without a thought. Ground floor of an old house (1895) quite close to the center of town. I remember most of what happened, but I wished I had your mails, just to remind me of how you had once thought of me as yours. Perhaps the closest to me is the daughter of the woman who lives upstairs from me. I did tell her about you and I and let her read a few tamer letters you wrote me (I do have every single one, would you like to read a few? Cara Beth is still a friend and reminds me about that experience sometimes though I haven't thought about repeating it.

There's not much to it, but it has really high ceilings and enormous windows. And a training room, fitted out like one of the shops. ) but she eventually did tell me that she felt she was living in your shadow and couldn't compete. That is something that I would only do with the love and support of yourself. And I would do it again in an instant if you only but asked me to.

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