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Megan and Kristina have a passion for empowering women by de-mystifying the style process and by helping women choose clothes and accessories that fit their own personal style and body type.

All their amazing fashion recommendations will be available through links in this podcast transcript at jenhatmaker.com/podcast!

She and Jen dish about fall football, ranch life, kids going off to college (single tear), and the one food item that will never be included in a Pioneer Woman recipe. Foodie or not, you won’t want to miss a single episode of this series!

Ree also shares the joys and challenges of managing all things "Pioneer Woman” (The cookbooks! Welcome to our all new series on (wait for it) FOOD!

We'll have all the recipes, tips and ideas she discusses on the show on Jen Hatmaker.com/podcast.

​Our food series is ramping up with beloved celebrity chef, best-selling author, and mom of four, Melissa D’Arabian.

We got you covered in every possible way: food and hospitality, navigating tricky relationships during this season, fashion trends for fall and Christmas, how to properly be a football fanatic, Jen’s Favorite Gifts, and even behind-the-scenes stories from a certain beloved Pioneer Woman… To close out our "For the Love of Fall & Holidays" series, we have a story from one of our own from the Tribe.Jen has an epic chat with one of her favorite fellow fall football fans--New York Times bestselling author, Melanie Shankle.You won't want to miss their school song sing-off, their thoughts on game day foods, and learning why Melanie actually stayed in college longer than she had to [next level football fandom]. Megan Tamte and Kristina Klockars, founders of the popular retail clothing store Evereve, have built their business on making fashion accessible to all women, catering specifically to moms who may struggle with a fashion world that seems less attainable while managing the demands of a family. Before the whirlwind of travel, family gatherings and general holiday mayhem begin, come sit in on my chat with the experts behind the blockbuster Boundaries series of books, Dr. ” Looking good while doing all the holiday things doesn’t have to hard!

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