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Although outshone in many ways by their sister Ivanka, Donald Trump Jr.and his brother Eric are thoroughly their father’s sons.On the campaign trail the Trump brothers—Donald Trump Jr., 38, and Eric Trump, 32, the oldest sons of our 45th president—actually referred to themselves as “the brutes.” Together with their sister Ivanka, 35, they are slated to take control of their father’s far-flung, billion-dollar real-estate and licensing business, after years of serving as his apprentices, both in real life and on television, in their father’s hit show, . ends up playing in the Trump Organization remains to be seen, but if the first weeks of the transition period give us any clue, he won’t be letting go easily, or anytime soon.“The only thing that matters to me is running our country,” he told , on November 22, but then confusingly added, “In theory, I can be president of the United States and run my business 100 percent,” because, he said, “the president can’t have a conflict of interest.” The next week, he tweeted that he was leaving his business “in total” even though by law he did not have to do so.Charting their battles, to the inevitable lawsuits in their wakes, William D.Cohan investigates whether the boys can handle the empire.While they were raised mostly by their grandparents and their mother, Donald’s first wife, Ivana, they have become close to their father as adults. I can just see it, when I’m with Ivanka or Donald junior or Eric, the attention and the parenting that he gives them.”Read By many accounts the Trump sons are polite and respectful.Herb Kolben, an executive at Ullico, a private insurance company that has lent to several Trump real-estate projects, says Donald senior “is a real family man. Still, they are their father’s sons, and we’ve learned by now what that means.

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“We were literally riding mowers around, we were mowing all the fields, cutting down trees and fallen trees, cutting rebar and laying marble and doing electrical work, doing demo work,” Eric told The Trumps are also in a battle with New York City about a golf course they operate in the Bronx.Hard hats would be provided to schoolchildren to protect them from errant golf balls.In her October 17 response to Eric, Alicia Glen, the city’s deputy mayor for housing and economic development, wrote that the city had no interest in “changing direction” to allow for a “cosmetic improvement” to the golf course. “While it is understandable that the Trump Organization should want to benefit from the spectacular waterfront and city views afforded by an expansion into Ferry Point Park, we are committed to keeping the design of the public park intact,” Glen wrote.Thanks to her position as the apple of her father’s eye, Ivanka is better known than her two brothers Don junior and Eric.(They were far less visible than Ivanka on the campaign trail, especially early on.) After his well-received speech at the convention, Don junior began considering a 2017 run for mayor of New York City, but his father quickly quashed that idea, although the drum continues to beat for him on Twitter.

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