Diablo 3 updating blizzard

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I have nothing in My Documents, I have the launcher files in C:\Program Data and I have removed all of those, I have cleared all of my various temporary file locations as per the recommendations, rebooted, ensured that none of the files had returned, etc etc - still doesn't get past that screenshot For whatever reason, Internet Explorer (which I never use) was set to "work offline".

For whatever reason, with Internet Explorer set to work offline, the Diablo 3 installer was failing to do anything other than time out.

That got some players to expect that something big was in store for the popular series, but that isn’t the case.

Blizzard announced today that there won’t be any announcements about panels for attendees and Virtual Ticket holders, and, as always, we look forward to a weekend filled with fun and revelry with the heroes who call Sanctuary home. Looking beyond that, we’re hard at work on the future of and exploring what’s next for the franchise. Our passion for Sanctuary burns as bright as the High Heavens and as hot as the Burning Hells—and we’re excited to hunker down and get working!

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A Blizzard spokesperson later clarified that changes to comply with United States trade restrictions and economic sanction laws went into effect this week.However, now when I try to reinstall the game, the Diablo 3 Setup starts 'Updating setup files...' and then hangs; I have had a quick google for ideas on how to fix it which seems to bring up a bunch of posts when the server loads were really high last year, nevertheless I have been through the list of suggestions, making sure that secondary login is enabled, running the installer as administrator, etc.After leaving the installer for ~30 minutes, it finally brings up an error stating it could not run the Blizzard agent; This gives me an error code - BLZPTS00007 - which gives me a few more google hits including a seemingly official guide on how to troubleshoot agent issues on Battle.net, however performing the steps listed under 'Advanced Troubleshooting' still hasn't resolved my problem.Problematic games listed in the pamphlet include Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Assassin's Creed, Second Life, and Guild Wars.Babak Karbasi, provisional secretary-general of the Islamic Revolution Game Designers Community, spoke at the event.

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