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Divisional application: An application for a design that was initially the subject of another previously-filed application called the “parent application;” the filing date of which is the same as that of the parent application.European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO): An application filed for with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for a European Union Design, which is the basis for a claim for priority.Licensee: A person to whom the owner of an industrial design has granted the right to manufacture, use, and sell the design in Canada. Licensor: The owner of an industrial design who grants another party the right to manufacture, use, and sell the design in Canada.Maintenance fee paid: Owners of industrial designs must submit a maintenance fee before the fifth anniversary of the registration date in order to maintain the protection for another five years.Merger: A merger is the joining of two (or more) companies into one, with one company surviving and the other disappearing.The assets and liabilities of the disappearing company are absorbed into the surviving one.Status information of an application/registration includes the following fields: Registration Number: The number that is assigned to an industrial design registration when it is officially registered in the office.

Description: Description identifying whether the design relates to the appearance of the entire article or to the appearance of a portion of the article.If filed during the six-month period, the application has the same force and effect as if it had been filed in the second country on the first date.A request for priority must be made in writing and include: Correction: The Office may correct a clerical error in respect of a design registration.Convention priority claim: Canada is a signatory to the Paris Convention.One provision of the Convention provides for a six-month period within which an application to register a design in a Convention country may be filed in other Convention countries.

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