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Or, hell, maybe I'm just overreacting about the whole thing.

Im planning a long talk with her later tonight, then talking to her dad and then figuring out where we all go from there.

On the plus side, the Guy has been in contact, so he's not just some shady stranger, and now that this is out in the open you can at least try to set some rules.

You expect her to have relationships, that's normal.I guess you could call the cops and ruin his life for doing something entirely normal.I am no expert, but I taught in a public alternative high school (13 to 18 year-olds) for several years and feel that I got to understand the mindset of teens (at least a certain population of them) and their priorities pretty well, and I would guess that the chances that they are not already sexually active are about the same odds that Pres.I suspect she's not as level headed as you think she is.I was very good at projecting mature, because in most ways I was, but there were huge, bizarre holes in that maturity.

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