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Writing to England’s leader Oliver Cromwell, Jamaica’s Jews pledged to help England conquer the island from Spain. No longer forced to practice Judaism in secret, they formed a community, built a synagogue, and hired a prominent leader – Josiau Hisquiam Pardo – from Salonika to be their leader.English ships arriving in Jamaica’s harbors were met by Jews who promised their help as Britain battled Spain. Jews flocked to Jamaica from throughout the Old and New Worlds, arriving from France and Britain, as well as Spanish and Portuguese colonies.The 18th Century historian Bryan Edwards noted that: “The Jews enjoyed almost every privilege possessed by the Christian whites” – an unusual situation in many countries at the time.

Jamaica, one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, has a fascinating Jewish history going back centuries.

Like a handful of other Caribbean congregations, Jamaica’s last surviving synagogue – Shaare Shalom in Kingston – boasts a white sand floor.

This unusual tradition is said to date to the 16th Century when secret Jews sought to muffle their footsteps in synagogues by putting a thick layer of sand on the floor.

Henriques is remembered today as a dashing pirate, though accounts of his derring-do vary.

It seems he became a soldier and spy for the Dutch navy and operated with their backing.

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