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-Both a sexual and non-sexual route to complete each slave's quests -12 new in game scenes, 2 new Patreon Bonus scenes -240 new images and pages of text added!-167 pages of new text Bugfixes -Fixed an issue where Sarah could disappear after training soldiers.Currently I am looking for 3D Adult Games written with Ren'Py Main requirements: - minimum of useless 'grind' actions - maximum sounds, especially sexy moans :shy: So far, unfortunately, I've found only demo version of Lovely Guests v0.2 game by Perv2k16 https:// After he fell in disgrace with his Mafia family, a killer was set for him. Now he was not only on the run from the Mafia, but also the FBI. Help him start over as a gym manager and fill the emptiness in his heart with a new romance, one he can start with any of the four beautiful ladies he can meet in this game.Please suggest any games that look like this one, any help and links are highly appreciated Adult Porn-Game NFO Year: 2016 Release date: 2016/07/29 Genre: POV, hardcore, fingering, blowjob, facial, 18 Teen, vaginal sex, blonde, black hair, european, bed, bathroom, big tits, small tits, home, brunette, MILF Censorship: None Developer / Publisher: lifeselector, Suslik X Platform: PC / Windows Publication Type: pirates (unofficial) Language: English Size: 2.2 Gb Description: Having several ex-girlfriends in your past makes you a real pro in bed: so your actual girlfriend is always a happy girl. Screen: Download file - 650.0 MB Download file - 650.0 MB Download file - 650.0 MB Download file - 407.5 MB Download file - 650.0 MB Download file - 650.0 MB Download file - 650.0 MB Download file - 407.5 MB Censorship : None Genre : ADV , Dating Sim , Big Tits , Action , Sexy Girls, Blonde, Big Tits, All sex, Blowjob, Orgy Platform: PC/Windows Version: 0.06 Language: English Description: John Smith had reach everything. But his old bosses knew how to get him: his weakness was his own family, his wife and daughter. His wife set in concrete, his daughter sells as a sex slave and he was buried alive. Work on you stats to meet the girls' idea of the perfect man and date them to find out more about their motivations and desires.-Various text issues in first two chapters -Fixed an issue where the Celeean Swords line can stall.Screen: Download file - 368.8 MB Download file - 368.8 MB Sengoku NEET [XXX GAME] (English) Adult Porn-Game NFO Release date: 2015/10/29 Genre: TRPG, Comedy, Kimono, Big Tits, Pregnancy, Impregnation Censorship: Yes Developer / Publisher: Jackie Create Platform: PC / Windows Publication Type: Original (licensed) Version: Ver.2015-11-03 Language: Censorship : None Genre : RPG , Big Tits , Voyeurism, Erotic Adventure, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, Big Ass, Milf, All sex, Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Family sex,, Incest, Remake, Drawn Art Developer: Nergal Platform: PC/Windows Version: Demo Language: English Description: Take control of 2 characters, one male, one female, who both have near death experiences in this rpg maker game.At first, the player chooses his story, the assistant and the purpose of life (a condition defines victory).

Work on you stats to meet the girls' idea of the perfect man and date them to find out more about their motivations and desires.

In the game there are shops that sell various items to help players in training.

Also in the game there are quests, for which the player can get the money, items and even unique slaves. Download from - 956.9 MB Genre: SLG, Flash, Touching, Female Teacher, Little Erotic, X-Ray Censorship: Present Platform: PC / Windows Publication Type: Original (licensed) Medicine: Present Language games: English Language: English Language: Unknown / Drugoy Sistemnye requirements (minimum): :: HDD 200MB :: Flash :: Find the exit key and get out of Saeko's Room.

Realistic animation with motion capture technology - first time! FEATURES Motion capture / super realistic motion Real breast dynamics with physics engine LONG MOVIE! Changelog: New: Complete Mission with Milos added (brothel) New: You can buy now the brothel at the Estate Agency ("finish" Milos first!

High quality, high volume content Customizable scenes (movie editor) 30 frames per second 3DCG anime Run the game with the Hi everyone ! Too bad that Pierce was an undercover FBI Agent and really his only friend in the present situation. ) New: You can try Kaia at the brothel (3 of 4 Sex Options) New: 3 Archivments for Part 2 added New: Home added at start (no content added at this point) - Minor Changes: New: Ordells electric therapy (if you leave him to Jackie) New: Improved Battle System and Music added (more randomly) - Bug reports: BUG: invisible button (hopefully) reworked (A: Factory / B: Boxclub) Screen: Download file - 371.2 MB Download file - 371.2 MB Genre : ADV, 3DCG, Flash, Animation, All sex Censorship: None Developer / Publisher: Lesson of Passion Version: 0.95 Language: English Description: Play as Jacob "Crocodile" Moore - ex basketball player who was once on top but crashed his whole career in a string of poor decisions.

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