Dating habbits

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Essentially, it's only until we do this that we will find the relationship we're meant to be in.It's no secret that we're all different individuals with our own, unique approach to happiness.Libras are generally more conceited and value looks over substance more than they'd like to own up to.Libras cheer for the underdog, so expect to date more underachievers who come up with a good story, compelling you to pick up the check more than once.But despite all your regal bluster, you're a kinder queen at heart.But you're still a queen, so you're all about ruling the roost.

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It's important to understand how we contributed to the stuff we did or didn't like, or how we contributed to the break up at the end. Well, we should all be open to constructive criticism and have the desire to better ourselves.

Geminis tend to be fairly charismatic, so it's likely that only half the men who actually want to ask you out, largely out of fear of failure, will do so.

If you're a Cancer, when you go on dates, it's in hopes that the next guy will be the one who brings home the bacon so you can fry it up.

Scorpios can be ice queens, often frozen from the inside out.

When you date, you're goal-driven, whether it's to get the poor sap you just suckered into a yet another date to finally put a ring on it, or just to get him to break down and give you your way all the time.

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