Christian dating how far is too far

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I know self-restraint isn’t a popular virtue to cultivate.But nonetheless, it’s a gift to your future marriage, and in the context of dating, it is a gift you may very well give to someone else’s marriage as well.The thing is, whether it’s kissing or groping or removing an article of clothing, it’s all foreplay.And once that party gets started, your hormones don’t hear your conscience’s weakened efforts to remind you about honoring God with your body.However, this much is safe to say: Sexual desire, which is a good thing, is like hunger — it is meant to be satisfied.But just as a healthy diet requires restraint, so does a healthy sex life.Sexuality is a beautiful gift, and don’t think for a moment that there’s anything wrong with you because it’s hard to keep your hands off the other person.

I suppose you could stand on the sidelines and sample the hors d’ oeuvres as you dream about having a full meal.So the chances seemed pretty high that getting physical would either unnaturally prolong relationships or make it really awkward when I saw a woman after a breakup.I didn’t always abide by this policy, but I’m glad I did most of the time, and here’s why: Every woman I ever dated ended up getting married to another man.Those men do not have to wonder what I know about their wife’s body, because I don’t really know anything.I mean, sometimes it’s awkward enough that I their wife — how much more awkward would it be for that man to know I had gotten physical with his wife at some point?

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