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Pookie from Surin, Charlie's common-law wife of 19 years, does not know if she can go on with the business. But if you're not Oriental you don't get much of a look in, with the Girls in there.Show Girls were back, but only stripped down to G-Strings.They were both well oiled and were dancing around flashing their lovely Bums at me and gyrating on my lap.Paul was with the Show Girls as usual, he has a Harem's in Peppermint, Baccara and Sweethearts. Some very attractive new Girls on show, but little action, no showgirls, very few Ladies sitting with Punters, nobody throwing ping pong balls. I was chatting to an old English friend who loves it in there.My friend bought his 2 Girls one, so I had to buy my bird one. the Mamasang replies ...she'll come back if you buy her a drink... I also saw six dancers in black lingerie who, once on stage, would strip topless and bottomless, except for one with pasties on her nipples who kept her string on. A Japanese or Korean punter called a girl straight off the stage, did not pay a lady drink, apparently talked business immediately and left with the bird.Then my Girl went back to Dance and the Mamasang was back asking me to buy her a Drink. Some of them were slim and attractive, but several were fat and shapeless. I wonder if short times at The Lighthouse are still limited to one hour.

I was sitting with an 18 year old called Bang, stunning but too young for me, her sister Obar also stunning, work's in there as well.It was dark on 11th December, but it turned out to be a 1 night closure for repairs. It was only half full but there was a lot going on, with a man buying a lot of baskets of balls, so all the Girls were screaming and throwing themselves everywhere.The Go Go opened as normal on 12th December Sexy Girls A-Go Go at the 2nd Road end of Soi 8 has also gone dark. Ishi did a little asking around and found that the bar is not expected to re-open. I was with 2 very attractive Girls a stunning slim Blonde called Eye, with a very cute Face and a slim dark haired beauty called Mon.The Windmill was good, some nice looking GIRLS with plenty of Pussy on show.My Favourite sisters were back but this place suffers with Cheap Charlies, out of 14 people sitting round the Stage, I was the only one giving tips when the Girls showed me their Pussies, inside and out, haha.

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