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In one of the answers you gave, you said that Catholics are condemned to hell.

I thought that Catholics believed that Christ was their Lord and Savior, or am I confused?

He also stated that he used the Scofield translation.

Having just spent good money on a leather version of the NKJV Mac Arthur Study Bible, I feel somewhat confused. ) chose the Palestinian cannon, how could they be right, they rejected Christ? It has been my understanding and belief that the Bible's theme is The Glory of God - a pure doxological theme - of which Salvation is the #1 "program" others being God's program for Israel, His program for angels, etc.

In reference to Romans 13:1, ("Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.

The one in Ezekiel is talking about King of Tyre, yet everyone loves to put that passage in a wrong place, making it talk of Satan, which is taken out of context. I have heard that Billy Graham has stated something to the effect, that a person did not have to believe or even know the name of Jesus Christ to be saved, for if all they had available to them was the Muslim religion or Hinduism, or Buddhism and believed with all their heart that it was true, then God would save them without their knowing anything about Christ--not even His name. I went to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association website and sent in a question, in the "contact us" section.

I included the exact quotes, from your website, regarding Christ calling people out of the Muslim and Buddhist worlds and people going to Heaven who have never even heard the name Jesus.

You recently sent out comments from a believer concerning the Beth Moore study Believing God.

Well doesn't Romans 10:9 say that we are to confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord to be saved? Let his writings stand for themselves, for we have no liberty to change what these great men of faith have said! They wrote and said just what God wanted them to say!

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