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Despite everything you've ever seen, felt, heard, or believed about the splendor, allure, fascination, and magic of love – bottom line is – it's an obligation. The fact that Judaism sees love as an obligation does not mean that it has no magic, allure, or fascination. Love has an infinite amount of intrigue and power, but primarily it is an obligation.

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A Turkish dome and octagonal pool give the Rudas Bath the unique characteristics of a Turkish bath.

This new system makes soaking in the thermal baths even more carefree.

Thermal baths in Budapest are either coed, like Széchenyi Baths, Király Baths, Veli Bej and Lukács Baths, partially coed, like Gellért Baths, offering women- and men-only facilities, along with coed facilities, or have single sex days, like Rudas Baths, which has women-only and men-only days.

The first, and perhaps most puzzling thing we need to understand about love, is that Judaism does not treat love as an ideal, a conviction, a principle, a beautiful concept, or an untamed passion. The above verse is one of over 5,000 verses in the Bible; and it is one of the most compelling. 3) Why does the verse say, "…love your neighbor as yourself?

This prompts us to do what Jews do best – ask questions. What are these commandments doing together in the same verse?

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