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“I believe that trying to convince Smarter Child to have sex with you was the first Internet meme,” Hoffer says.)When you tired of idle chitchat or mockery, Smarter Child could instead provide useful information.

To make this happen, Active Buddy partnered with various service providers to offer weather, stocks, movie listings, and more.

He argued instead that such machines were just tools, and extensions of the human mind.

He further stressed that machines’ understanding of language was entirely dependent on the context in which they were used, and argued that a more general computer understanding of human language was not possible.

Alternatively, you could curse at it, or make advances toward it, and it would always seem to know how to respond.

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ELIZA, using a script that simulated a psychotherapist, proved to be a major influence on natural language processing and artificial intelligence, with copies and variants popping up at universities around the country. He intended ELIZA to be a mere parody of human conversation, yet suddenly users were confiding their deepest thoughts in ELIZA, and experts were declaring that chatbots would be indistinguishable from humans within a small number of years., Weizenbaum rejected the notion that machines could replace human intellect.

Every source of information required a partnership with specific companies, as this was before the age of open web service APIs that any developer could tap into.

And because Smarter Child was so popular, it was constantly running into limits on its host messaging platforms.“We had these enormous, bureaucratic, profit-driven, ad-driven media firms–Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft–and we had to negotiate carriage with each company. After a couple years, Active Buddy pivoted to providing virtual customer service agents for businesses.

Peter Levitan, who served as CEO of Smarter Child’s maker Active Buddy, has said that the chatbot attracted over 30 million users, and at one point accounted for 5% of global instant messenger traffic.

Smarter Child was able to reach so many people because it was built upon the world’s dominant messaging platforms–just as new chatbots are designed to run on Facebook Messenger–and because it was as fast and easy as talking with a friend.

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