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Enter Anaerobic Glycolysis You know that you can’t run at your top speed, or perform a maximum isometric hold, for more than 10 seconds before things start heading south. The foundation of the glucose molecule is a six-carbon structure.That’s because your body’s quickest, “cleanest” energy source, the phosphagen system, has been taken over by your next quickest source for energy: glucose. Those six carbons are split into two, three-carbon molecules, which are pyruvate.More About Lactate Lactate is everyone’s favorite scapegoat.It’s been blamed for everything from the painful “muscle burn” to fatigue to muscle soreness.

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Anaerobic glycolysis takes place in the sarcoplasm, the muscle’s gel-like substance that includes all of its components, except for the mitochondria.With 750,000 titles & counting, covering all major disciplines & subjects, Myi Library is the most comprehensive online e-content platform on the market today.Included in the 2,500 imprints offered via the Myi Library platform are the most popular publishers in the world, from academic publishers such as Taylor & Francis, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Springer and Elsevier, to trade publishers including Penguin Random House, Hachette Book Group, Harper Collins and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and publishers spanning the markets, like Wiley and Mc Graw-Hill.The problem with lactate is that it’s always accompanied by protons (H ), even though it consumes one during each lactate dehydrogenase reaction.Proton accumulation is actually due to the breakdown of ATP (i.e., ATP hydrolysis) in muscle.

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